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7/31/21 Our First Women’s Conference Finally Happened!

On July 31, 2021 something that we have been anticipating since the beginning FINALLY happened!!! We had our first ever women‘s empowHERment Conference! Wow! What a phenomenal event that allowed us to be able to encounter some AMAZING women.

Our conference was 6 hours long, and had multiple events happening in one. We were able to have 4 guest speakers 2 of which traveled from Georgia, and Texas. We had 4 powerful break out session leaders, as well as special guest features that came and wowed our crowd!

We are so excited for next years conference! we are coming bigger, and better than ever!!!

Special thank you to our performers, guest speakers, panelist, videographer & photographer, as well as everyone who purchased a ticket and came. We love you and appreciate you all!

To see videos and pictures of our conference, be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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